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My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style.” 

 - Maya Angelou


January 19, 2023


Three women enter a research study hoping to create positive change after a hate crime takes place at a liberal university in America. Timelines in 2017 and 2020 intertwine as participants unravel their complicated shared friendships and histories. Jasmine Sharma's introspective and empowering new play, Radial Gradient, challenges what complicity looks like - what do we do if it looks like us?


January 12, 2023


The company will also include Armand Akbari as Soldier #2/Ensemble, Jenni Barber as Celeste #2/Waitress, Marc Ginsburg as Ensemble, Jennie Greenberry as Nurse, Savannah L. Jackson as Ensemble, Trevor James as Soldier/Alex, Robert Knight as Louis/Charles,...

Savannah Jackson headshot.jpg

January 9, 2023


Seamlessly weaving story and song, this concert presentation of a timely new musical chronicles three generations of a Southern Black family as they trace the effects of racism, activism and legacy from the Civil Rights Movement to the present. Directed by Ryan Dobrin. Featuring John Edwards, Danyel Fulton, Alex Joseph Grayson, and Andrew Cekala...


December 21, 2022


Comments SGT Producing Artistic Director Sandy Shinner, "Shattered Globe Theatre is very proud to present one of the winning plays selected from our inaugural Global Playwrights Series. The goal of the festival was to lift up the voices of new, diverse playwrights by developing their work with a commitment to produce, and to form long- term connections with these writers. SGT welcomes playwright Jasmine Sharma and director Grace Dolezal-Ng to begin this journey with us."


November 28, 2022


The actors performing include Jane Bruce, Viveca Chow, Sarah V. Clifton, Nora Dale, Alex Fox, Ashley J. Hicks, Gabriela Z. Hernández, Naomi Honig, Maleah Joi Moon, Nandi Nfr Ka, Erika Norrell...


November 9, 2022


Taylor Blackman as Raymon was the smooth love interest in Tina's early life. His duet "Let's Stay Together" was tenderly sung and a time when song and lyrics truly fit the plot.


October 26, 2022


Starring in the cast will be Auberth Bercy (She Persisted) as Uriel, Naomi Lorrain (Behind the Sheet, Entangled) as Maxine, Vince Nappo (The Merchant of Venice) as Grant, Christopher B. Portley (American Prophet: Frederick Douglass in His Own Words)as Trey, Stacey Sargeant (for colored girls...) as Dejani/Doctor, and Shaunette Renée Wilson (The Resident, Billions) as AJ in her New York stage debut.

Christopher B

October 20, 2022


The cast will also include Shirine Babb (Broadway: The Piano Lesson - currently; Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Macbeth - LCT; Off-Broadway: The Merchant of Venice, Timon of Athens - TFANA); Gerrard James (Red Bull Theater debut); Steve Maurice Jones (Red Bull Theater debut); Heather Lind (Broadway: The Merchant of Venice [Theater World Award], The Nap - MTC; Off-Bway: Othello, The Merchant of Venice - Public Theater/Delacorte; Incognito, Of Good Stock - MTC)

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October 19, 2022


Over the course of a one-year residency, early-career and emerging writers Amanda L. Andrei, Xavier Clark, Peter PascoJasmine Sharma, Mak Shealy and Thomas Daníel Valls will meet on a monthly basis to share and develop a full-length play in a peer-guided format led by program director Nicholas Pilapil. In addition, members of the Lab will be given dramaturgical support from the artistic and literary staff at IAMA, as well as a ticket to each of IAMA's mainstage productions. The Lab will culminate in the summer of 2023 with readings of the newly developed plays.


October 13th, 2022: 


Starring in the company are Toree Alexandre, Zoe Anastassiou, Edwin Brown III, Darius Deon, Sam Encarnación, Max Antonio Gonzalez, Ty Camren Hawthorne, Travis Raeburn, Christopher Then, William Oliver Watkins, Eunice Woods, and Caro Zeller.

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October 12th, 2022: 


Tina Turner’s eras-spanning catalog of pop, rock, and R&B hits forms the backbone of Tina: The Tina Turner Musical (★★★☆☆), which just shimmied into the National Theatre, three stops into a 30-city national tour.

 Taylor A. Blackman contributes a silky smooth take on “Let’s Stay Together,” ...


October 5th, 2022: 


The cast for SERIES A features Catalina Chang, Brenda Crawley, José Espinosa, Daniela Gonzalez y Perez, Ethan Joseph, Denise Manning, Marcus Naylor, Ashley Marie Ortiz (amo), Roudlerson Calvin Pierre, Cristina Pitter, Justin Rodriguez, Deandre Sevon, Mark Vaughn, Ed Ventura, Eric R. Williams, Jo Yang and the voice of William Jackson Harper.

ashley-3005 (1).jpg

October 4th, 2022: 


The cast features: Jake Morrissy (Buddy), Sean Fortunato (Walter Hobbs), Melody A. Betts(Emily Hobbs), Gabriel Solis (Michael Hobbs), Lydia Burke (Jovie), A.D. Weaver (Santa), Marya Grandy (Deb), Karmann Bajuyo (Mr. Greenway), Elliott Mayeda (Standby Michael Hobbs), and Ian Michael Pinski (Boy on Santa's Lap). The ensemble includes Juanita Anderson, Collin Bradley, Jenny Couch, Shantel Cribbs, Brian M. Duncan, Lorenzo Parnell, Kelly Felthous, Meghan Hoyt, Garrett Shin, Ben Dow, Matthew Weidenbener, Oz Shoshan, Ariel Etana Triunfo, and Shanna VanDerwerker.

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October 30th, 2022: 


Composer, music director, and orchestrator Anessa Marie presents an evening of music from A First Glimpse of Light, a semi-autobiographical new musical telling the story of a 32 year old trans actress as she prepares for gender confirmation surgery in New York City. 

Anessa Marie as Ella, Bianca Leigh as Bianca, Kathel Griffin as Socks, Jennifer Fouché as Mel, Zachary A. Myers as Jazz, Hennessy Winkler as Jasten, and Andrea Prestinario, vocals

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October 16th, 2022: 

15 World Premiere monologues by TNB2S+ writers A.A Brenner (they/them/he), Azure D. Osborne-Lee (he/they), Bianca Leigh, Else Went (they/she), Isaac Gómez (they/them), Kaela Mei-Shing Garvin (they/she), Lady Dane Figueroa Edidi (she/her), Liqing Xu (they/she), Mashuq Mushtaq Deen (he/they), Sam Hamashima (they/them), Sharifa Yasmin (she/her), Sylvan Oswald (he/him), Timothy DuWhite (pronoun inclusive), travis l. tate (they/them), and Victor I. Cazares (they/them). 

Bianca Cream Best 9599.jpg

September 22nd, 2022: 

AJ Dyer, a 2018 graduate from Notre Dame High School in Utica, has landed a role in the fifth installment of the "Insidious" movie series.

"Back in March, my manager got me the audition and it was for originally a different role, so, I auditioned for that role, got a callback for that role, went into the callback with the director from the casting director; did the whole callback, didn't hear anything for almost a week, and got an email that I booked a different part," said Dyer.

AJ Dyer Headshot_-7.jpg

September 16th, 2022: 

The two casts will feature Torée Alexandre, Zoe Anastassiou, Edwin Brown III, Darius Deon, Ty Camren Hawthorne, Sam Encarnación, Max Antonio Gonzalez, Travis Raeburn, Christopher Then, William Oliver Watkins, Eunice Woods and Caro Zeller.

William Shakespeare's iconic and timeless Romeo and Juliet is one of the greatest love stories in literature. The gripping drama spun out of the ancient grudge between two families makes Romeo and Juliet as relevant to modern society as it was to audiences four centuries ago. The star-crossed lovers follow their passion to the ultimate tragic end. 

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September 16th, 2022: 

​“Tina" is an absolute must for theater and music lovers alike. It plays at PPAC through Sept. 18. For ticket information, go to  

While the skills of Rodgers cannot be understated — her vocals alone hit deep — other members of the cast also offer top performances. Garrett Turner crafts a powerful — and pitiful — Ike, transforming believably from controlling abuser to somewhat meek as Tina’s career takes off and his ends. Taylor Blackman’s duet with Rodgers, as Tina’s first boyfriend, on “Let’s Stay Together” is sweet and lush. And, Ayvah Johnson, who plays young Tina, has a power in her voice that belies her age. She is someone to keep an eye on. 


September 14th, 2022: 

​Paredes joined Gerrard James, cast as Claudio in the show, for an interview with CBS News Colorado's Dillon Thomas.

More than 400 years after Shakespeare first premiered the classic "Much Ado About Nothing," the Denver Center for the Performing Arts is preparing to unveil its modern take on the tale. The show, which opens at the DCPA at the end of September, combines comedy, romance, music and dancing in a way that will help modern theatergoers better experience Shakespeare.

Gerrard James Headshot - Beard 1 (Hi-Rez).jpg

September 9th, 2022: 


Off-Broadway's Ars Nova and PlayCo will present Melis Aker's Hound Dog at Greenwich House Theater to kick off its 20th anniversary season. The world premiere will begin previews October 6, ahead of its October 24 opening night, with a run scheduled through November 5.

Starring in the cast will be Olivia AbiAssi, Ashley Baier, Ellena Eshraghi, Mel Hsu, Matt Magnusson, Sahar Milani, Laith Nakli, Jonathan Raviv, and Maya Sharpe.

Ellena Eshraghi HEADSHOT .JPEG

August 2nd 2022: 


The 24 Hour Plays welcome new and returning artists alike for Season Three, Episode Five of The 24 Hour Plays: VIral Monologues tonight. A new group of actors and writers pair to create pieces written, rehearsed and recorded in 24 hours. From 6PM ET, these monologues will be published on Instagram and Twitter @24hourplays every 15 minutes.

Performers include Gracie McGraw, Chris Thorn, Amara Leonard, Tiffany Iris, Isabel WynneSerena Berman, Alexander Jon Flores, and Sarah Groustra. Writers are J. Holtham, Itamar Moses, Allison Merkel, Shara Feit, Rafael Yglesias, Anna Zabel, Mackenna Goodrich and Charlie O'Leary.


August 1st 2022: 


SGT's inaugural Global Playwrights Series was conceived to lift up the voices of new, diverse playwrights by developing their work with a commitment to produce and to form long term connections between these writers and the SGT ensemble. The GPS team interviewed fourteen semi- finalists, and nationally- known playwright Charles Smith added his insight by reading the final nine plays. From this talented group of writers, Kimberly Dixon-Mays, Phanésia Pharel and Jasmine Sharma were selected to join SGT as the 2022 GPS winners.


JULY 27th 2022: 

The ensemble includes Daelyanna Kelly Benson, Antonio Beverly, Taylor A. Blackman, Aliyah Caldwell, Lillian Charles, Max Falls, Zachary Freier-Harrison, Reyna Guerra, Gordia Hayes, Andre Hinds, Takia Hopson, Ayvah Johnson, Geoffrey Kidwell, Parris Mone't Lewis, Nia Nelson-Williams, Gracie Phillips,

Nicole Powell, Terance Reddick, Shari Washington Rhone, Kris Roberts, Jacob Roberts-Miller, Aniya Simone, Chris Stevens, Jeff Sullivan and Carlton Terrence Taylor.


David Lee Huynh headshot.jpg

JULY 15th 2022: 

ONCE UPON A (korean) TIME further cements Ma-Yi Theater's commitment to producing work that challenges both artists and audiences against ideas of what Asian American theater should be about."

The cast for ONCE UPON A (korean) TIME includes Sonnie Brown, Sasha Diamond, David Lee Huynh, Teresa Avia Lim, Jon Norman Schneider, David Shih, and Jillian Sun with Daniel K. Isaac and Sami Ma serving as understudies.


JULY 7th 2022: 

The cast is generally strong. Jasmine Sharma is a wickedly clever Queen Catherine, especially when she and Anisha Jagannathan’s Diane are exchanging barbs. Jagannathan is a blasé and grounded Martha Gellhorn, mocking Hemingway’s literary style with Sharma’s exaggeratedly drunken Hadley and Rebecca Schweitzer’s mournful Mary. Schweitzer is an amusingly almost Valley Girl-sounding college club founder, a garrulous cook and a sputtering priggish British functionary. Kunal Prasad is comically laid back as both the Maharaja and King Henri and pointedly self-important as a posthumous Hemingway.

theatre mania.jpg

JULY 6th 2022: 


Powered by Frederick Douglass' own speeches and writings, American Prophet is created by Charles Randolph-Wright (Trouble in Mind) and Grammy Award winner Marcus Hummon ("Bless the Broken Road"). Randolph-Wright directs with choreography by Lorna Ventura and music direction, orchestrations, and additional arrangements by Joseph Joubert.


Also joining the cast are Arena Stage veterans Carolyn Agan, Kurt Boehm, Thomas Adrian Simpson, and Kanysha Williams, as well as Erica Aubrey, Zoë Bryant, Cicily Daniels, Christopher B. Portley, Christopher Michael Richardson, Chris Roberts, Brendon Schaefer, Correy West, and Curtis Wiley.

Christopher B

JUNE 29th 2022: 


Chris Myers and Russell G. Jones will star in Manhattan Theatre Club's Where the Mountain Meets the Sea. The show will begin previews October 11 at New York City Center – Stage I with opening night set for November 2.


Written by Jeff Augustin, the new play will be directed by Joshua Kahan Brody with music by The Bengsons (Hundred Days). The work follows a son's journey to connect with his father, a Haitian immigrant who once traveled from Miami to California. Years later, his son embarks on a similar road trip.

Russell G. Jones 2019.jpg

JUNE 28th 2022: 

Rounding out the final performances this July, the Moxie Incubator program will close with For Your Consideration, a new play by Jasmine Sharma, directed by Britt Berke. In For Your Consideration, leading lady Surya makes her best attempt to turn her long-term relationship's break-up into her long-awaited television breakout and reality TV's next big hit.


May 31st 2022: 

Although the text of the speech and Bernthal’s framing begin the same way, a look around the room reflects how Jenkins sees himself: as a champion to those who trained him and those he trained. The men who covered for Jenkins are here, such as Sergeant Michael Fries (Joey Palestina), who laughed off a complaint from a man Jenkins had attacked when he was sitting on his own front stoop, and Deputy Commissioner Dean Palmere (Christopher R. Anderson), who fought back a grin at Jenkins’s defense of fellow officer Fabien Laronde, who was finally fired after years of misconduct complaints.

JOEY PALESTINA 2022 Long Headshot.jpg
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JUNE 22nd 2022: 

ABCD will feature Melvin Abston (Broadway: Sister Act) as Ellis, Justin Ahdoot (Off-Broadway: Sleep No More) as Bilal, Torée Alexandre (BSC debut) as Tamara Gardner, Juri Henley-Cohn (BSC: Bashir Lazhar) as Ibrahim, Maribel Martinez (Shakespeare in the Park: Julius Caesar) as Mika Ramos, Chavez Ravine (The Public: Cullud Wattah) as Joanna Krueger, Pearl Shin (BSC debut) as Sunghee and Brandon St. Clair (BSC debut) as Davon Lawrence.


JUNE 22nd 2022: 

The final production in Clubbed Thumb's 25th Annual Summerworks line-up, Bodies They Ritual by Angela Hanks begins its run June 22. The show will close out the festival, running since May 20 at The Wild Project, with performances finishing July 2.


Starring in the production's cast are Emmy Award winner Denise Burse (Black Mirror), Nora Cole (On the Town), Jacqueline Guillen (Man Cave), Kai Heath (On Sugarland), Ebony Marshall-Oliver (Chicken & Biscuits), Emily Cass McDonnell (The Antipodes), Keilly McQuail (Lunch Bunch), Lizan Mitchell (On Sugarland), Bianca Norwood (Seven Deadly Sins), and Nandita Shenoy (Daredevil).


JUNE 16TH 2022: 

Black Theatre United, ChiChi Anyanwu, Nina Marie Ward and the Black Women on Broadway will all be honored with Project1VOICE's Outstanding Service in the Arts Award.

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JUNE 10TH 2022: 

Aurora Theatre Company concludes its 30th season with the West Coast Premiere of Jaclyn Backhaus' Wives.

Chicago-based director, adaptor, and activist Lavina Jadhwani directs Anisha Jagannathan, Kunal Prasad, Jasmine Sharma, and Rebecca Schweitzer (Bull in a China Shop; Rapture, Blister, Burn; The First Grade) in this powerful and playful feminist piece.


JUNE 7TH 2022: 

Broadway On Demand will stream Mrs. Warren's Profession beginning June 21st, for a limited time only through June 27th only. 

Last fall, GTG returned to live, in person performance with this acclaimed revival of Mrs. Warren's Profession starring Tony® Award winner Karen Ziemba as Mrs. Warren, Robert Cuccioli, David Lee Huynh, Alvin Keith, Nicole King, and Raphael Nash Thompson, which enjoyed an acclaimed Off-Broadway engagement at Theatre Row, directed by Mr. Staller.

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