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Opportunities don't happen. You create them.”

- Chris Grosser 

Get the advice and counsel of a personal talent manager with more than 10 + years of experience developing talent and empowering actors to fulfill their career goals.


In a 60 minute consultation with ChiChi, you will:


Get constructive feedback on your materials: headshot, resume, website, reels etc.

Construct a potential list of Industry Professionals to be your specific target-marketing list.

Create an action plan to elevate the number and quality of audition opportunities

Define your type and how to market yourself

Discuss potential acting monologues, scenes, musical theater songs and other material to best represent yourself 

ChiChi is available for in person, over the phone and virtual sessions. Get coaching, counseling, and advice on building your acting career. 

Our management clients do not pay any upfront fee for any service.We work strictly on a commission basis for our management clients.

To schedule a consultation: 

email info@chitalentmanagement.com

$150 per 60 minute personal consultation

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